Collaborative Lawyers in Carlisle - Cumbria Family Law

What is collaborative law? 

The Collaborative law process involves you,  your ex-partner and your lawyers all sitting around a table together and working things out face to face. The meetings follow agendas set by you and your former partner, giving you both control over the issues to be discussed and resolved.

Why choose the collaborative process?

If you are not comfortable negotiating a settlement directly with your ex partner or your case is particularly complex you may prefer to have face to face settlement discussions with the reassurance of having your lawyer with you working alongside you to reach a settlement. 

What are the benefits?

Because a lot can be achieved during face to face meetings around the table, the collaborative process often leads to a settlement quicker and more cost effectively than traditional negotiations through solicitors letters, mediation or court proceedings.

Agreement reached. What next?

Once an agreement is reached we can help you with the recording of the agreement within a separation agreement or court order, and thereafter we can assist with the implementation of the agreement or order and any associated procedures such as divorce proceedings

What if you cannot agree?

If you reach an impasse your lawyers will work to achieve a solution. If this is not possible, then you may need to consider alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or court proceedings.

Interested in Collaborative Law?

Paul Airey is a Resolution trained and one of a limited number of Collaborative Lawyers in Carlisle and Penrith Cumbria. If you feel collaborative law may be the right process for you, call Carlisle 01228 829530 to arrange a consultation with Paul, or click here to request a call back.