Domestic abuse referral

Online referral form

If you or your client  wish to be referred for legal help with domestic abuse, please complete our secure online referral form. It will provide us with the information we need to advise about the most appropriate legal remedies in the case, and if appropriate to complete an application for a protective injunction.

Once the you or your client has completed the referral form and submitted it to us, we will be in contact to arrange an appointment. It is helpful if any support worker also attends the appointment. During the appointment we will advise about the most appropriate steps to be taken and if appropriate complete an application for a protective injunction.

Click here to complete the referral form.

Legal Aid

Please bring to the initial meeting financial evidence of means to enable us to assess their eligibility for legal aid. The information required is detailed in the online referral form. The majority of clients will be eligible for legal aid for help with domestic abuse because the eligibility limits are more generous than for other forms of legal aid.

Fixed fees

If you are not eligible for legal aid we offer a range of affordable fixed fees to enable clients to access legal remedies. Please check out our fixed fees page for further details of our fixed fees.

Further information

We have produced a Fact Sheet giving further information about applying for protective injunctions and the procedure involved in obtaining an injunction, which can be downloaded and handed to the client.

Click here to download a copy of our Domestic Abuse Fact Sheet.