Fixed fee child residence applications in Carlisle, Penrith, Kendal and Workington, Cumbria

What is a residence order?

A residence order is an order settling the arrangements about who a child lives with. 

Do you need a residence order?

Disputes about where a child lives can arise for various reasons. If any of these circumstances apply to you, you may need to apply for a residence order.

  • Your child/ren would like to live with you and the resident parent is disregarding their wishes, particularly if the child/ren are older.
  • The time the children spend with you is being restricted and you are seeking a joint / shared residence order to reflect co-parenting arrangements.
  •  Social services have child protection concerns about the child/ren's parents and are recommending that you apply for a residence order in respect of the child/ren.
  • You are a grandparent and Social Services are recommending that you apply for a residence order because they are considering taking care proceedings.
  • You are a non-resident parent and the resident parent plans to relocate in the UK or abroad and you believe it is in your child's best interest to remain living in his / her current location with you.  
  • You have concerns about the resident parent's parenting capacity because of drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse, mental health problems, etc.. and believe that it is in the child/rens best interest to live with you.
  • The non-resident parent has threatened to remove the children from you or has failed to return the children to your care in accordance with agreed arrangements.

How we can help

If there are no urgent child protection issues, we can help you negotiate suitable arrangements through letters, mediation or collaborative law, taking into account all relevant issues. If you are unable to reach an agreement or in cases where there are urgent child protection issues we can assist you in bringing or defending a residence application through the courts.

Need further advice?

If you need more detailed advice about applying for a residence order call us on (01228) 829530 to arrange an initial consultation or request a free call back.