Fixed Fee Appointment

Whats involved?

  • A detailed and comprehensive consultation about the issues involved in your case.

  • Tailored advice on the issues involved and your options, to enable you to make an informed choice about how to proceed.

  • Advice about any urgent steps you should take to protect you or your family.

  • Discussion about the legal services you need and the funding options,.

What Should I Bring?

  • Copies of any letters you have received from your partner or ex-partner's lawyers or other professionals involved.

  • Evidence of your identity including passport or driving licence and a utility bill confirming your address.

  • Copies of any court papers.

  • If your case involves financial arrangements, copies of your financial documents.

  • If you intend to apply for legal aid, evidence of domestic abuse and financial means.

What is the Cost?

We charge a discounted rate of £80 + VAT for the first half-hour appointment. If you require further legal help or representation after the 1/2 hour, we will undertake the further work under Level 3 or Level 4, depending upon your legal needs and budget.