Free Case Assessment

If you are worried or uncertain about a family law problem, call us or apply online for a free no obligation case assessment with one of specialist family lawyers.

What's involved?

During your assessment we will:

  • Discuss the background of your case.
  • Identify the main legal issues involved.
  • Give you preliminary advice about your options.
  • Advice you about any urgent steps you should take to protect you or your family.
  • Discuss with you the funding options, if you need further help.

Is there any charge?

We do not charge for the case assessment, however if you require further legal services, we will discuss with your the funding options available, according to your legal needs and budget.

Do I need to provide any information?

Yes. We will need certain information from you, including details of your partner / ex-partner, so that we can do a conflict check to ensure that we have not acted for them in the past. We will discuss this with you when we call to arrange the assessment.