Level 3 - Legal Help & Assistance

What does Legal Help and Assistance cover?

  • Detailed advice and assistance on specific aspects of your case you need help with.
  • Help with drafting and checking legal documents and letters.
  • Advising upon legal procedures and steps to be taken in your case.
  • Advice on settlement proposals and negotiation tactics.
  • Supporting you through mediation or court proceeding.

Is this level suitable?

  • This level is suitable if you are confident about representing yourself, but need help and assistance with the complex aspects of your case.
  • Level 3 enables you to keep your costs to the minimum, but allows you to progress your case with help and assistance from us.
  • Under Level 3 we will not go on the Court record as acting for you. However, if you require legal representation at any stage, you can transfer to Level 4 - Court Representation for all or part of the proceedings.

How much does it cost?

  • We will charge you for the time spent on your case on a Pay As You Go basis in accordance with our charge out rates.
  • We may ask you to pay money on account or invoice you after the agreed work has been completed.


If you need help, call us or apply online:
Carlisle: 01228 829530
Workington: 01900 233220