Specific issue applications

What is a specific issue order?

A specific issue order allows the courts to determine a specific question that has arisen or may arise in connection with the exercise of parental responsibility for a child. 

 Do you need a specific issue order?

 A specific issue order can be used to determine questions about the child's upbringing, including: 

  • education arrangements;
  •  medical treatment; 
  •  taken the child out of the country on holiday; 
  •  religious upbringing; 
  •  whether a child should be allowed to change his or her name. 

How we can help

If there are no urgent child protection issues, we can help you negotiate a settlement through  correspondence, mediation or collaborative law, taking into account all relevant issues. If you are unable to reach an agreement or in cases where there are urgent child protection issues we can assist you in bringing or defending a specific issue application through the courts.

Fixed fee court application

If you are unable to reach an agreement about the specific issue and need help bringing or defending a court application, we charge a fixed fee of £400 + vat (£80) + court fees (£200 only payable by the applicant), total £680. This covers the preparation of the application and all work up to and including representation at the first court appointment.

If your case does not settle at the first appointment we will discuss with you the further costs involved and either offer a further fixed fee or charge you on a time basis at our competitive rate. Please refer to our fixed fees page for further details.

Need further advice?

If you need more detailed advice about applying for a specific issue order call us on (01228) 829530 to arrange an initial consultation or request a free call back.